We started overseas shipment (18 countries)

・Europe/North America: 3,000JPY (2~3weeks)

(US, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Portugal, Russia)・Asian region: 2000 yen (1~3weeks)

Asia region: 2,000 JPY(2~3weeks)

(China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea)

○ About payment method

・Credit card payment (VISA, MASTER CARD, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS) ・Paypal payment

・Convenience store payment (pay within 3 days after ordering)

・Bank transfer (pay within 1 week after order) *Convenience store payment will be confirmed when the deposit is confirmed. *Bank transfer can be changed to cash on delivery. If you wish, please enter "Change to cash on delivery" in the remarks column when ordering (excluding pre-sale works)

○ About the shipping time of works Works will usually be delivered within a week of payment. Reserved works and special cases are shown separately on the work page. Shipping outside Japan takes 2-3 weeks. Consumption tax: 10%




olden mini 発送日延期のお知らせとお詫び

いつもありがとうございます。 KENTO HASHIGUCHI代表の橋口です。 olden miniのご予約ありがとうございます。 この度は「olden mini」をご注文いただき、現在到着待ちの方へのご案内です。 本日「olden mini」の生産と担当してくださっている工場さんから弊社への納品が遅れる旨の連絡がありました。 つきましては、大変申し訳ないのですが下記のようにお客様への納品日を変更


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